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We offer the finest 30K, 60K, 90K factory scheduled routine maintenance packages at competitive prices in Ramona.*

So…you’ve heard of the fabled mileage markers directing proud vehicle owners when to service their rides, eh? Well, your car is a piece of finely tuned machinery and if you want it to last you should most certainly service it when you hit these miles. Or…test it’s limits and just like your cars engine coming to a halt via pushing the fuel needle to it’s deepest point, your car will come to a very likely expensive halt from avoiding these important maintenance milestones.

The 30, 60k, 90K scheduled maintenance details are listed in the vehicles owners manual ~ for bedtime reading of course =)

If you are wondering just what is meant by the vague term “routine service & fluide” we can honestly tell you, just call us or stop by and you’ll get it straight from the horses mouth…so to speak. Outside of that, the owners manual, either in your glove box or online, outlines them. Keep in mind that they are the bare minimum that should be performed.

Typical routine services and fluids are as follows:
– Wiper blades
– Oil and oil filter services
– Coolant / antifreeze flush
– Brake system flush
– Transmission fluid service
– Differential / gear box / transfer case service
– Chassis lube
– Air filter & (if equipped) cabin filter change
– Battery service
– Timing belt
– Spark plugs

We let you know what you need and what you DO NOT need. We’re here 110% for our customers.

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