Gas up your rubber with pure Nitrogen at Traction Tire.

Are you into saving cash, helping your environment and forgiving yourself for rarely checking your tire pressure? Nitrogen, in its pure form, offers drivers quite a few essential benefits and moves them toward deflating the regular air from those tires and replacing with our higher grade, guaranteed 98% PurigeN98.
Tires will maintain consistent tire pressure 3-4 times longer than when filled with air. According to NHTSA, less than 60% of drivers regularly check for proper tire pressure and an est. 85% drive on under inflated tires. The reason behind the loss of air is in its composition.

– 78% Nitrogen. It is the largest sized molecule in our air. It is an inert, non-explosive gas and holds no moisture. Due to its size, it is less capable of seeping through the pores of the rubber. When a tire is filled exclusively with (N) it will consistently maintain optimum pressure over a longer time period.

– 21% Oxygen. Its escape rate is measured to be between 3 and 4 times faster than nigrogen.

– 1% varied gasses. Argon, CO2, Neon, Helium, Methane, Krypton, and Hydrogen. Though an incremental amount, these elements leave the tire up to 250 times quicker.
Increased Fuel Efficiency and the environment – Tires see the least amount of rolling resistance when properly inflated. When one of those under-inflated 85% of drivers are wasting 2-4% of their fuel due to deflated tires, they’ll wish they had made a change.

When we look at the environmental effects of fuel waste we are talking millions of gallons a day. Among the 6 worst offenders are under inflated tires and poor wheel alignment. Do you drive with your parking break on? No! So… you know you don’t check your air pressure every 30 days or maybe even every year! Why not help yourself and the environment? And, it’s not hyped up fluff either. FYI, Some of our customers have personally voiced and experienced immediate improvements of 3 to 5 mpg and appreciate Traction Tire giving them the opportunity to make the switch.

Tires realized better wear. The tire filled with our PurigeN98 will see better wear through not only the already mentioned stable air pressure but from this fact: When a tire filled with air heats up it expands and thus changes the characteristic of the tire. When filled with the nitrogen the tire will stay very true to its designed form.
Traction Tire & Service Center believes in this product wholeheartedly. This stuff truly is beneficial to both your wallet, your tires and most importantly… the environment.